Friday, April 18, 2008

And Yet More Successful Bifax DNA PCR Runs

From our latest batch of 7 stippled studfish DNA extractions, 3 showed amplification bands. So now we have amplified DNA from 4 individuals from Hillabee Creek, and 1 from Cornhouse Creek. Another set of 7 fish went through the thermocycler today, so hopefully on Monday we'll run the gels and see if the PCR worked. Three of these fish are southern studfish, three are northern studfish, and one is a pretty shiner that we kept and extracted just to see what happens. A success rate of five of thirteen isn't bad for working with hodgepodge reagents.

I finally brought over the last two fish from the giant aquarium back at Wilson Hall. These two blackspotted topminnows are now in the new 20-gallon tank in my lab. They were eating flake within five minutes. The giant tank itself will probably be moved over here to the Shelby Center and set up as a public display tank in the front lobby by a coalition of the Biology and Chemistry Clubs. Anything they do will be good; the Dean has tentatively approved the idea. I think he'll like it!


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