Monday, June 18, 2012

Silver Shiner / Banded Darter Manuscript Close To "In Press"

I've been re-working the short manuscript I submitted to Southeastern Naturalist along with Brian. I did a last few minor edits today, and Don the editor thinks it's good to submit to the chief editor for final approval. We changed the title of the manuscript to "Observations of Notropis photogenis (Silver Shiner) and Etheostoma zonale (Banded Darter) in the Flint River, Alabama" since we weren't strictly the first to find the species, more like the first to more broadly write about it. I added in some material about the condition of the Flint River, for instance, it's still rated as too turbid by the EPA, and has until very recently been rated as facing eutrophication stress, and being prone to sharp spikes of fecal bacteria. So the fact that the Silver Shiner, in particular, is still in the river is kind of touch and go in terms of habitat degradation. As the odd quirk of the month, we have collected 36 Blotched Chubs out of the Flint this month, and 30 of them are male. Huh? We're trying to figure out what this means, if anything. And we still need to collect some Silver Shiners, we almost caught some on Friday but they kept bouncing out of the net.


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