Friday, June 29, 2012

Silver Shiner Juveniles, I Think

We've been to the Flint River at Oscar Robertson Road twice this week, Monday and Friday. On Monday we found a single adult silver shiner, and none today. But each time we found 6-7 apparent juvenile silver shiners. They look pretty similar to scarlet shiners at first glance, but they have much bigger eyes and an obvious lateral stripe somewhat buried in very bright silver color. These are the first juveniles of the species we've found. The adults have become really scarce, but this is an interesting twist.

The river is so low now that some of the locals who show up at the site to use it as a beach are driving across the riverbed and parking on the now very large gravel bar. I guess they do it because they can... It also seems to be a popular thing to leave amazing amounts of trash behind including used diapers. I'm sure those people would bitterly resent it if I pointed out the errors of their ways, but Jayzus - it's like redneck culture run amok. I'll post pictures later, but not, I promise of used diapers. Feh!


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